Hollywood Projects Presents: LABYRINTH!

It’s been a ghost town for the last few weeks on this site, primarily because I’m hard at work on a new project at work and also because I’ve been a busy little blogger, putting together the first ever Hollywood Projects screening thanks to Tugg.com!

On Tuesday night, I’ll host (alongside Elizabeth Leary from the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts) a special one-night-only screening of Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH , which some of you may recall I wrote about (poorly) in the early days of the site. The screening has turned into a runaway hit–we’ve sold twice as many tickets as our original goal, with two days to go!

I’ll post pictures after the screening, but in the meantime, here’s a link to the screening and the the awesome, amazing Tugg.com, which everyone should start using immediately because holy shit.



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