P@u1 W@1k3R

A friend sent me this comparison today, showing how the same image of Paul Walker has been used on different Fast Five posters.

This naturally got me thinking about the reigning champion of terrible Photoshop poster jobs:

Everybody looks like shit here, but especially Walker. It’s like the movie broke up with her boyfriend and cut his face out of the picture, but then she started dating Paul Walker and so she just put his picture over where her boyfriend used to be.

I’m saying it’s bad.

Probably the worst. (Although X-Men: First Class is an up-and-comer.)

Then it hit me… has Paul Walker ever showed up for a photo shoot in his entire career? I can’t even recall a single Paul Walker moment from any of his films, and I’ve seen a few of them.

Is it possible that Paul Walker doesn’t exist? Is he a mass hallucination, a brain manifestation caused by inhaling the ozone haze of Axe Body Spray over at Abercrombie & Fitch? Is he an elaborate computer simulation?

You guys, I think I’m on to something. If this is true, this could blow the lid off of everything, including the mystery of Channing Tatum.

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