The Delay

I’m running terribly behind on this Project, I know. I thought moving to a weekly schedule would eliminate any hangups because, hey, who doesn’t have time to write two pages in a week?

My son is 10 years old (nearly 11) , very cool, and living almost completely across the country from me. On the rare occasions that he comes to visit, the universe stops. No writing, no movie watching, nothing. (Well, that’s not entirely true. We did make the time to see A Town Called Panic, which he loved, even with the subtitles. Kids will really enjoy stuff like that if you just don’t assume they won’t. We also pulled a late night viewing of Them!, and he didn’t seem at all allergic to the black and white or the very-not-computer-animated monsters. Go figure.)

So we lost a Monday due to my transformation into a full time Dad. That turned out to be the least of my worries.

Meet Chuck. Chuck is a virus, a very efficient, talented, go-getter virus. Chuck and I got together somewhere in Atlanta and he followed me right back home to North Carolina. He just didn’t take no for an answer.

Chuck is also a dick.

I’ve battled this stupid illness for over a week now and I’m juuuust about over it. Not quite. No, no. Chuck is a bastard, remember. But I’m almost there. This is what happened to the last Monday.

I hope to have the next Kubrick movie posted this upcoming week, but it won’t be Monday. I’m in Atlanta again for my annual Braves baseball opening day with my daughter. We’ve been going every year since she was about 7 years old, and this year it falls on a Monday. So it goes. We’ll end up missing three Mondays in a row, but it should be calm waters from there on out.

Thanks for bearing with me. More Kubrick is coming.

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