A Year and a Day

Well, fart.

I couldn’t have guessed when I stepped away from this blog that I would be an entire year from revisiting it. Yikes. In the time since my last post, I have traveled north, taken a job writing for video games, and been a part of the team behind the release of two major projects. In addition, I’ve been a father to my two wonderful children, a partner to my amazing and awesome girlfriend, I’ve traveled, and I’ve gained between 10 and 15 pounds.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been busy. Still, no excuse.

Let’s call this a remake. No, scratch that. A reboot. Wait, wait! Even better. A reimagining. I waited specifically for this date to restart content, to try and capitalize on the natural marketing that comes with this one year anniversary (give or take a day) of the moment The Hollywood Projects went dark. I’m expecting a huge opening weekend, and big bucks on the international rights.

The James Cameron and Jim Henson projects will remain on the site here, but we’re going to start up a brand new project. No, it’s not the one I hinted at in that last little video post, but that’s still in the mail. I decided to try something a little lighter and friendlier for our return.

If you have this on your RSS feed, be on the lookout for new articles every Monday and alternate Thursdays. I hope you’ll stick around, comment, read, critique, and have fun.

The Hollywood Projects: Part II. The adventure begins…. now!

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